Reasons Potatoes Belong in School Meals

When you are a student, you would surely get excited about what the school meal is for the day. But more than filling your tummy, the school meal should be healthy and provide energy so you can keep going for the day especially that you will have lots of school tasks. The food that you take should help you keep up with all your activities especially when you will need the energy to write all those writing tasks like essays, research papers, assignments, and a lot more.
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Why Potatoes Should Belong in School Meals

1. Potatoes are nutritious

Potatoes are rich in nutrients and can fill up the nutrition that other vegetables lack. It is most helpful to children as it has potassium and fiber preventing malnutrition.

2. Potatoes are well-loved

Everyone eats potatoes. In fact, it is one of the most loved vegetables especially among kids. It is a vegetable that can easily be eaten by anybody without worrying about its taste.

3. It helps people get used to eating veggies

When you include potatoes in the school meals every day, you will get used to eating vegetables all the time. For you, it will just be a normal thing to eat veggies within your meals.

4. It is heavy on the tummy

If a kid does eat much, taking potatoes will make them feel full. This will prevent making the kids feel hungry and get distracted with it not being able to focus on the class.

5. Potatoes are affordable

Compared to other vegetables, potatoes are more affordable and can be bought in any market. It is easy to find and buy. It will not give difficulties in looking for it in the market.
A school meal will help the students survive their day in school. Putting in potatoes in every meal will help students get the energy and nutrients they need for the day. School canteens should have nutrition professionals to ensure that the meals being served will be most beneficial for the students. It is also important that they get the required nutrients and vitamins that will keep them healthy and competent in their school life. When healthy school meals are served while the students are young, you are helping kids grow up healthy and strong.